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Reducing the Effects of Climate Change - 590 Words

TOPIC: Urgent measures need to be taken to protect our environment from the effects of climate change. Do you agree? Reducing climate change to protect our environment. Around the globe, seasons are shifting, temperatures are climbing and sea levels are rising. And meanwhile, our planet must still supply us with air, water, food and safe places to live. Climate change will rapidly alter the lands and waters we all depend upon for survival, leaving our children and grandchildren with a very different world. This essay will argue that climate change is affecting the environment and it can be reduced. Firstly it will explain the effects of climate change in the environment. Then it will suggest ways in which climate change can be reduced. Firstly, one of the effects of climate change is changing temperatures.Heat-trapping gases emitted by power plants, vehicles, deforestation and other sources are warming up the planet which means the weather around the world will change. For example, summers will get hotter and winters too. The effects of temperature change will be different, some places will become more hot and really dry and others more colder and wet. More storms, floods, and drought will occur. Secondly, Sea levels are rising as the Earth heats up. As the Earth gets hotter, colder places get warmer and glaciers melt. This makes more fresh water flow into the ocean causing the sea levels to rise. Rising sea levels threaten low lying areas and islands, threaten coastalShow MoreRelatedClimate Change Is A Change Of Weather Patterns That Lasts For A Long Duration Essay1372 Words   |  6 PagesClimate Change is a change of weather patterns that lasts for a long duration. Climate change can be caused by the ‘greenhouse effect’. Humans create greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, electricity production and more. These gases trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere and increase the earth’s overall temperature. This process is also called Global Warming which can cause more natural disasters like floods and droughts. Climate change is an existent global issue that started since 1880 whenRead MoreWhat Is Influencing The Earths Spheres1095 Words   |  5 PagesIncreased CO2 concentrations increases the greenhouse effect as more heat gets absorbed, thus resulting in climate change. Global climate change exacerbates and increases the risk of extreme weather hazards though changes in the atmosphere and hydrosphere. Custodians of the earth need to adopt positive practises and stop destroying the earth to ensure the longevity of the planet. The increase of global temperatures will result in atmospheric regional changes, creating weather extremes like prolonged andRead MoreClimate Change : Global Warming1575 Words   |  7 PagesAddressing Climate Change Climate change is an issue that is currently on the lips of everyone, the world over. The issue to do with climate change covers a myriad of aspects that revolves around the life of human beings, and all living things in general. The increased temperatures that are currently being witnessed are results of the much talked about climate change. An absolute change in weather patterns is also another product of climate change. This issue of climate change, which is broughtRead MoreGlobal Warming Essay858 Words   |  4 PagesCorbera, Esteve, Manuel, Estrada and Katrina, Brown. â€Å"Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries: Revisiting the Assumptions. Climatic Change, vol. 100, no. 3-4, 2012, pp. 355-388. Springer Nature, doi: 10.1007/s10584-009-9773-1. Accessed 25 June 2017. This article discusses the topic of climate change and goes into detail how deforestation is one of the major contributors to climate change. The article goes on to state how deforestation is overlookedRead MoreProject Proposal: Effects of Climate Change1322 Words   |  6 PagesProject Proposal: Effects of Climate Change The final research paper generated from the Project Proposal: Effects of Climate Change will discuss the question, what Americans can do to reduce climate change health effects? Various research publications by credible sources advise, global warming climate change has an affect on human health. Climate change and the impact on human health can be connected through direct or indirect variables. The Importance I feel as though if we start at a youngRead MoreGlobal Warming And The Human Expansion Of The Greenhouse Effect998 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout history, the Earth’s climate has been constantly changing. This is mostly due to very small variations in the Earth’s orbit, like orbital shifts and changes in the atmosphere, causing a change in the quantity of solar energy which the Earth receives, which can be seen in the cycles of glacial advance and retreat. However, over the past 1,300 years, climate change has advanced at an unprecedented rate which poses a long term threat on future generations due to the impact our current societyRead MoreClimate Change And Global Warming928 Words   |  4 PagesThis paper will discuss climate change and global warming on the economy. The paper also gives a description on climate change and global warming. As well as what it hold for future business owners. It will also discuss what the government is doing about climate change/gl obal warming. Climate change is a long-term shift in the statistics of the weather (including its averages). For example, it could show up as a change in climate normal (expected average values for temperature and precipitation)Read MoreClimate Change And Global Warming1371 Words   |  6 PagesClimate change is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the processes that lead to climate change and strategies that can be used to address this issue. In order to comprehend how human activities contribute towards climate change and global warming, we have to truly understand the science behind this phenomenon. First of all we need to clarify what anthropogenic climate change means. This refers to the change in the amount of greenhouseRead MoreAs A Study Proved, Evaluating The Effects Of Leonardo Dicaprio’S1364 Words   |  6 PagesAs a study proved, evaluating the effects of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2016 Oscar acceptance speech citing climate change, â€Å"†¦tweets including the terms ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ reached record highs, increasing 636% with more than 250,000 tweets the day DiCaprio spoke† (Leas et al, 2016). Being a celebrity is not necessary to raise awareness or learn more about this crisis. There are many planned events and campaigns one can attend or do research online in the comforts of home to find ways toRead MoreGlobal Warming And The Planet Earth1588 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal warming, often confused with the term â€Å"climate change,† is a problem of worldly proportions that knows no limits, caused i n large part by human activity. If it continues unchecked, its effects will be felt around the planet, from human society, to the environment, to the world economy. The purpose of this research paper is to understand the topic of global warming, you will hear from scientists and experts in the field regarding the causes and effects, in order to help understand better what

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Economics The Data Analysis Methods - 818 Words

Were the data analysis methods used appropriately for the qualitative tradition or research design (e.g., case study, ethnography, grounded theory, etc.)? Why or why not? This was a mixed- triangulated study using both qualitative (case study observation) and quantitative methodology.. A survey design was used questioning participants on their opinion regarding whether their vocational performance was improved as a result of enhanced financial literacy. As the author pointed out, the design suffered from focusing on only one place. The fact that this was a repeat study (test-retest) with the same questionnaire offered on two subsequent occasions also confounds the study since participants are already familiar with the questions and primed. The focus group interview has problems of its own in that desire to conform may impel certain participants to offer similar response, whilst others would decline. This may particularly have been the situation in this case, where a large group of participants was invovled. There are issues of anonymity, as well as with participants possibly aiming to please particularly if a professor were present. The setting may also be obtrusive and intimidating. And last but not least there is the issue of objectivity where the entire proceedings are interpreted by and processed through the mind of the researcher. The survey, too, has its own problems since interviewer and interviewee bias may exist, where either is distracted by qualitiesShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Physical And Mental Growth On The Young Generation Essay1025 Words   |  5 PagesI had accessed to a relatively far-ranging curriculum. In senior high school, there was a course about JA (Junior Achievement) Economics, at which, we were introduced to the MESE (Management and Economics Simulation Exercise). The basic principle of economics and the fundamental analysis of policy from the standpoint of economic theory kindled my curiosity about Economics. For example, as to the national policy—the â€Å"One-child Policy† in China, instead of simply singing merits and praising virtuesRead MoreQnt 561 Complete Class Essay963 Words   |  4 PagesBusiness and Economics o 2.37, 2.38, 2.44, 2.46, 2.54, 2.64, 2.68, 2.79, 2.85, 2.89, 2.93, 2.94, 2.106, and 2.108 †¢ Ch. 4 of Statistics for Business and Economics o 4.1, 4.12, 4.13, 4.21, 4.79, 4.80, 4.81, 4.89, 4.91, 4.106, and 4.124 Week 2 Individual Week Two Practice Problems Complete the following Week Two Practice Problems in MyStatLab ®: †¢ Ch. 4 of Statistics for Business and Economics o 4.156, 4.164, 4.169, and 4.172 †¢ Ch. 5 of Statistics for Business and Economics o 5.4, 5.8Read MoreNypd Radicalization Report : Summary1155 Words   |  5 Pagesresearch applies the quantitative method of data collection, which entails observation and surveying procedure. Through surveying technique, United States government has shifted its focus on radicalization process in effort to culminate terrorist attack process. The data collected facilitated the understanding of radicalization process in the West countries. It also enabled NYPD to develop effective counter-strategies targeting top terrorist globally. The data analysis framework provides informationRead MoreImpact Of The Wright Amendment On The City Of Dallas, The Airline Industry And Its Associated Businesses1195 Words   |  5 PagesData Relation The use of this quantitative analytical data along with the qualitative nature of a personal interview provided the necessary measurements needed to show how the expiration of the Wright Amendment has affected Dallas Love Field, the City of Dallas, the airline industry and its associated businesses. This data collection detailed the overall big picture relationship as to the long-term economic outcome already being realized and the impact forecasted due to the consequences of thisRead MoreEssay on Forecasting Methodology1443 Words   |  6 PagesForecasting Methodology Forecasting is an integral part in planning the financial future of any business and allows the company to consider probabilities of current and future trends using existing data and facts. Forecasts are vital to every business organization and for every significant management decision. Forecasting, according to Armstrong (2001), is the basis of corporate long-run planning. Many times, this unique approach is used not only to provide a baseline, but also to offer a predictionRead MoreInternational Trade1662 Words   |  7 PagesEuropean Union is the largest trading partner of the United States and this trade represents 4% of U.S. gross domestic product (BEA, 2010). The intensification of long-haul trade routes has reinforced the critical role of seaports, as gateways to economic spaces and as nodes on the global deep-sea liner shipping networks (Goss, 1990; Notteboom and Rodrigue, 2007; Trongzon and Sawant, 2007). A countervailing force has been that shipping lines have now become dominant actors in world trade because theyRead MoreThe Net Inflow Of Fdi Into The Developing Countries1110 Words   |  5 PagesSample Data Figure 1 shows the net inflow of FDI into the developing countries. There is a fall into the amount of FDI going to the developing countries from late 1980 to early 1990 and in the late 2000. Overall, there is an upward trend of amount of FDI going to the developing countries. The same trend with ODA shown in Figure 2. The amount of Net ODA received by developing countries from 1990 to mid-1990 is fluctuating then continued to fall until 2000. From year 2000 onwards, there is a steadyRead MoreThe Use Of Online Banking Vs Traditional Bank Essay930 Words   |  4 Pagesstudy is to study and analysis the impediments of using online services which include: automated teller machine (ATM), internet banking, and tele-banking and then compare it with manual banking. The study also focused on the solutions that could be addressed to extent the customer satisfaction for the services providing by either online or regular bank in order to enhance the improving of economic industry. Methodology: The nature of this study requires to use mixed methods by use qualitative andRead MoreForecasting Methodology1473 Words   |  6 PagesForecasting Methodology Forecasting is an integral part in planning the financial future of any business and allows the company to consider probabilities of current and future trends using existing data and facts. Forecasts are vital to every business organization and for every significant management decision. Forecasting, according to Armstrong (2001), is the basis of corporate long-run planning. Many times, this unique approach is used not only to provide a baseline, but also to offer a predictionRead MoreThe Internationalisation Process Of Nigerian Firms907 Words   |  4 Pagesusing multiple data collection methods, the appropriate data analysis technique is paramount to enhance the study quality as well as achieve the study objectives. Yin, (2014) asserts that data analysis is through â€Å"examining, categorising, tabulating† and recombining of data from various sources of evidence in case study design. According to Silverman (2013), data analysis in qualitative research starts as soon as the transcription of begin. Four types of strategy for data analysis for case study

New Public Corporation Law and Contemp †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the New Public Corporation Law and Contemp. Answer: Introduction: According to Corporation Act there are company rules which the directors has to follow and it is the right of the shareholders to ask for the records of the company and his personal shares of the company (Goode, 2011). Fengis is both director and shareholder of the company, so before resigning from his post he can ask his shares and rights from the company from Qiyuan and Linda. There are three directors who are the members of the Darwin Property Developments Pty Ltd Company. Fengis can claim rights from Qiyuan and Linda as there are collective rights of director as per Corporation Act. The collective rights are: Right to elect a chairman: According to Regulation 76 (1) the director has right to appoint the chairman in a company. Right to refuse transfer shares: According to Section 111 transferring the shares can be done by the director to another company (Tricker, 2015). Right to recommend dividend: The rate of the dividend can be reduced by the director of the company. Right to appoint managing director: There is right of the director to appoint a managing director of the company. As a shareholder or director of the company derivative actions can be taken by Fengis on the other director of the company. As Fengis is the director of the company so as per misrepresentation act or fraudulence done with him he can sue both the directors to the court. As Linda and Qiyuan was getting large amount of money for DPD and they refused to give shares to Fengis when he needed economic service, so he felt cheated. This is the reason that he can sue them against the case of fraudulence with him. As a member and shareholder of the company Fengis has certain rights which he can claim. Under the Companies Act there are individual membership rights of Fengis. If any mismanagement and fraudulence is done then for Prevention of Mismanagement and oppression the member can file case against the directors of the company. Fengis can follow that rule. Directors liability stands in this case, so as per section 232 (2) and (3) of Corporation Law and section 229(1) of Companies Code, it is the duty of the director to honestly do his duties without any dishonesty and fraudulence. As Linda and Qiyuan breached the regulations, so under subsection (2) for deceiving the members and directors like Fengis $20,000 penalty or imprisonment for 5 years can be given to Linda and Qiyuan as they deceived Fengis (Sale, 2011). Here duty of diligence is breached by Linda and Qiyuan, so remedies can be taken by Fengis which may also help to solve his economic condition. For safeguarding the interest of the company as the directors were doing wrong, so derivative actions can be taken by Fengis. Mismanagement and oppression were done by the directors so as a minor Fengis was oppressed by other two directors by refusing him to give the shares when he needed the shares. For the prevention of mismanagement and oppression under Company Act derivative action can be taken by Fengis because he was deprived and cheated with fraudulence (Meier, 2014). The other directors gave him wrong information that if the shares are reduced or used then there will be the downfall in the company. Darwin Property Developments Pty Ltd has 6000 shares and each shareholder has 2000 shares, so as a shareholder Fengis can claim for his rights of 2000 shares. According to Schedule 4 of ASIC regulation of Corporation Act the members of the company has rights to get 5% shares in the company. According to Corporation Act there are some rights of the shareholders which can be claimed by Fengis from DPD. He can claim on the records of his shares in the company. The shareholder can works with the transfer of stock. Fengis has rights on the dividends of the company. He has rights on the assets of the company. As he is the shareholder, so he can claim for his rights from the company. According to Corporation Act any director or shareholders cannot be deprived from their rights from the company (Hanrahan, 2013). It is necessary that for fulfilling his economic needs Fengis should work on the strategies made for the company. It is necessary that corporations regulations should be followed by the staffs of the company and of directors are not obliged by the Law then in that case penalty has to given by the director to the innocent person who is rela ted to the major consequences. As Fengis has membership rights, directors rights and shareholders rights, so he may claim on several consequences as he was deprived from his rights of membership and shares dividend of Darwin Property Developments Pty Ltd, so on the terms of companys law he can sue both Linda and Qiyuan under the breach of Corporation Act. Punitive damages can be asked from them because of their misconduct and fraudulence. It is necessary several rules of Corporation Act should be fulfilled which may help in carrying forward the regulations of the company. As duty of director is breached by Qiyuan and Linda, so under section 180 (1) of Corporation Act it is necessary that reasonable degree has to be exercised by the directors of the company (Davies, 2010). It is necessary that different aspects of the companys regulations are needed to be fulfilled which may help in carrying forward the regulations of the company in assertive way. As a director and member he can also ask for his shares with dividen d from the company through which the subjective approaches of the company can be carried by the directors who are the culprits and has deceived Fengis from his rights. It is necessary that several structures of the company act should be followed through which actions can be taken against the directors which may help in changing or removing the directors from the company. Under the Corporation Act all the certain rules can be formulated with the necessary needs. If Fengis claims to get back his rights he may follow the regulations Schedule 4 of ASIC regulation of Corporation Act. He may also file case against Linda and Qiyuan under section 180 (1) for misrepresenting or cheating him for oppressive management and mismanagement. Fengis is deprived in every case, so it is necessary that several actions are needed to be proceeded by him as per Companys Law. It is necessary that he should prove the claim which has given on the basis of Corporation Act (Phlsson, 2015). There were hundred percent chances of his success because different charges can be taken by him under Corporation Act. There are different types of actions which can be asked on the penalty. It is confirmed that several structures of ASIC rules should be formulated through which Fengis may get justice under the Corporation Act (Cassim, 2011). It is the rules of the directors of the company to look after the rights of the staffs and directors of the company. It is necessary that several structural values of the organization should be followed. There are different structures through which the aspects of the corporation are needed to be followed. Breach of Directors duty can be done under the corporation law. There are several consequences which are needed to be fulfilled in the analysis of legal terms. According to Section 265A of Corporation Act, it is necessary that several structural consequences are needed to be followed (Hanks, 2011). It is necessary that if the directors duty is not fulfilled then, several conduct for the director of the company is needed. It is necessary that with the help of different stringent points the notice of the corporation subjective actions should be fulfilled. For the removal of director special resolutions are needed to be fulfilled which helps in carrying the objective. As the directors deprived Fengis in a wrong way by cheating him, so it is necessary that several consequences of the corporation act is needed to be fulfilled by him. These are the legal aspects which are needed to be fulfilled and this help in carrying forward the structure of the organization (Ferran, 2014). This helps in carrying forward the rights of the director. There are structural consequences of the corporation act which are needed to be formulated and by this way the structures of the justice on their shareholders and the members of the organization is formulated in a proper way. References Cassim, F. (2011).Contemporary Company Law. Juta and Company Ltd. Davies, P. L. (2010).Introduction to company law. Oxford University Press. Ferran, E., Ho, L. C. (2014).Principles of corporate finance law. Oxford University Press. Goode, R., Goode, R. M. (2011).Principles of corporate insolvency law. Sweet Maxwell. Hanks, J. J. (2011). Legal Capital and the Model Business Corporation Act: An Essay for Bayless Manning.Law and contemporary problems,74(1), 211-230. Hanrahan, P. F., Ramsay, I., Stapledon, G. P. (2013). Commercial applications of company law. Meier, D., Berge, H. K. O., Hasanbegovic, A., Altan, M. A., Najafiuchevler, B., Azman, S., ... Gheorghe, C. (2014, July). Development of an ASIC for the readout and control of near-infrared large array detectors. InSPIE Astronomical Telescopes+ Instrumentation(pp. 915421-915421). International Society for Optics and Photonics. Phlsson, P., Meier, D., Berge, H. K. O., ya, P., Steenari, D., Olsen, A., ... Azman, S. (2015, June). Preliminary validation results of an ASIC for the readout and control of near-infrared large array detectors. InSPIE Defense+ Security(pp. 94512J-94512J). International Society for Optics and Photonics. Sale, H. A. (2011). The New Public Corporation.Law Contemp. Probs.,74, 137. Tricker, R. B., Tricker, R. I. (2015).Corporate governance: Principles, policies, and practices. Oxford University Press.